Wherever you go, there you are.

The Oracle is mocking me!


Stupid uppity Oracle making me do more work... *grumble*...

I asked the I Ching Oracle: Should I fix questions with apostrophes? '
Symbol Image59. Huan - Dispersion You can succeed in dispersing even the greatest obstacle, provided you sort through chaos to find the source and clear the blockage.
What does the Oracle hold for you? http://luckyhonu.com/iching/oracle

Service Providers


Recently moved the majority of our hosting to slicehost. Xen based virtual servers; very nice stuff and quite happy with them so far.

Control Your Domain

Similarly, we moved (or are in the process of moving :) all of our DNS services over to EasyDNS. Also quite pleased with their services to date.

Torque Engine Demo


For no particular reason I took a Fraps capture of the Torque Game Engine demo application and put it on Google Video. And here it is.